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I work with clients’ whose voices, dreams, passions and truth

demand listening to.


Working with me as both your audio producer and audio production coach is a way to expedite the sound production process and create the best listening experience for your community.

I help you manage the many aspects of the podcasting process so you can create the best listening experience and cultivate a loyal following of engaged listeners.

From outsourcing audio editing to personalized production, custom imaging, finding or composing music, creating sound effects, adding show notes or broadening your distribution to a bigger audience, I’m your guy.


It’s time for you to be truly, deeply and authentically listened to.

It’s time to have your voice heard.


Whether you’re a high-achieving creative or professional who desires better content production, or a business leader intent to mobilise a community of engaged listeners around your services and message, working with me will help you take big strides towards using the power of intimate, authentic listening to its fullest potential.

Email me with your inquiries, or visit my services page to see how we can start working together today.

- Rob