I’m here to help you get your voice heard, amplified and recognised.


Podcast strategy kept simple.



Together we'll develop a podcast series launch sequence that suits your schedule and is delivered on time.


Increase your audience organically and strategically. Expose your podcast to your ideal listeners everywhere.


I'll help you create outstanding sounding audio.



High quality audio kept simple. The right microphone in the right position so your ideas are heard clearly, reliably and consistently.


In-source or out-source. You choose. I'll help you identify all the tools, techniques and resources you need to help you produce a top quality show.


Learn how to reliably reach your audience.



Cutting through the confusion, we'll quickly identify the right platform and package to reliably host your audio and measure your growing success.


Maximum exposure to your ideal audience. Position your podcast so it grabs the attention of those that need to hear it the most.


Find their frequency. Intimately reach your audience on a global scale.



Gain maximum exposure to your ideal audience. Use your website and social media to strategically promote your podcast and vice versa.


Develop your voice, sound and style towards mastery. Become a guest on other shows whilst growing your own show and network.

“One of your listeners not only downloaded my book but paused half way through reading it to send me a heart felt email.”
— Claire Higgins, Performance, Mindset and Motivational Coach, clairehiggins.me