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My Story...

Coming from a 21-year career in Information Technology and audio production, I’ve led award-winning teams and helped revolutionise communications for major European and Australasian corporations and brands.

Today, I’m a husband, father, podcaster and I surround my life and work with a love of sound and personal development. Sound is my art, my passion and my source of strength. Production and listening are my craft.

My earliest childhood memories revolve around my love of sound. I relentlessly recorded sound wherever I went as a child.

Growing up in the lush countryside of south Oxfordshire, England to parents who were part-time musicians and sisters who were singers, I used to take pocket cassette recorders onroad-trips and family holidays to record everything I could.

There were rich cacophonies in forests, the brash din of industry and subtle birdsong in urban areas, and the gentle ocean contrasting against the fearsome crashes along the English coast. I even added my own narrative to some of my recordings.

(This, so far as history will remember, was my earliest attempt at podcasting!)

I captured sounds of family life on TDK-90 cassettes too, from sisters singing to grandparents’ stories. I spent hours listening to my father’s vinyl records on his homemade turntable. I was even creating my own compositions on my parents’ piano by the age of four (bass notes were my favourites).

For all my love of sound as a child, advice on “how to make a living” led me into a career away from sound and into Information Technology as I grew up.

Sixteen years passed and I had built a successful career as a technical analyst for some of the world’s biggest marketing and telecommunication organisations, such as Vodafone and ACNielsen. I graduated into roles of management and led award-winning teams with prestigious organisations including the Lloyds Banking Group, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Unisys.

By 2008, I was living in a gorgeous flat on the Australian coastline with a view of the Indian Ocean.

By every appearance, life was good.

You’d think I was truly living the life of a happy, healthy professional.

But inside, I was suffering.

I hadn’t slept well for months. My relationships were dysfunctional. I tried to spend my way into happiness, socialising more and buying things that could never actually counterbalance my unhappiness. I sought out my doctor, who diagnosed me as one might a computer, saying that I had crashed.

I sought counselling. I spoke to my manager, friends, and sat down with my parents.

I'm certain they listened, but somehow, I never felt heard.

Despite their best ideas and advice, nothing they said really helped me figure out what this crisis was, occurring within.

One fateful morning, I found myself walking along the Sydney coast with a coach who had left his career in finance in England to pursue his passion.

Little did I know that this walk, and three questions he asked, me would cause me change my entire life’s direction.

Yes, three questions, only three!, brought my career, beliefs and life’s purpose into full examination. What he asked was secondary to how he asked me.

He asked like he cared.

My friend was not just making polite conversation to pass the time. He was authentically listening to what I was saying.

I was shaken awake, and my crisis suddenly made sense.

I realised that even I had not been truly listening to what I was saying to myself for most of my adult life.

I had been ignoring me.

I hadn't played music or worked with sound for a long time. Career had taken over. I had lost my childhood love of listening, and instead the only listening I had been doing was to other people’s dreams, far more than my own.

What happened to my profound loves of music, sound, and listening deeply and authentically -- as my friend had given to me?

My passion for sound -- and listening -- began to speak up again.

“Over the years I have worked with countless people on countless projects and what I have come to learn is that the values of the people you work with are as important as their skills and training. I have now done more than six different projects with Rob and he always gives his very best at the highest possible standard in the quickest time.
— Nikki Loy, Musician,

I started to listen to the small voice of truth inside me again. I resolved to dedicate myself to my love of sound, music and authentic listening, once and for all. And when I authentically listened to what my inner truth was speaking, the message was clear:

I wasn't on my true path. I was not honouring my calling.

Within three months, I gave up my career and let go of a six-figure salary and my beach-side apartment.

I gave away most of my belongings and moved to Berlin to play music full-time with two other musicians.

The act of truly listening to myself was all the motivation I needed to change my life, and I haven’t looked back since.

When I slowed down enough to listen to myself, I began to hear the voice of my creative spirit -- the child artist within -- who grew up recording forest sounds and making music on his parents’ piano.

Reconnecting to my inner voice was the most powerful listening experience I have ever had to this day. And, I knew in my heart that there were many more folks in the world that needed to be heard too: by others, and especially by themselves.

So I set off into a new chapter in life:

To become a the best listener that I could be, and to help others listen to their truth.

My love of sound as a child is now the force that moves my life. But what I could never grasp as a child is that sound is far more than just music.

Sound, and the power of listening, are the most impactful forms of communication, engagement, expression, healing and connection in our world.

My life and my work entirely revolves around helping you embrace the power of audio (and deep, authentic listening) to connect with your inner truth, your ideal customers, and engaged communities. I believe:

  1. It is your fundamental human right to be able to be heard: to create and lead the life you want. I believe this begins with community, mindfulness and listening.
  2. You have your own voice, message and something unique to say.
  3. You deserve to be heard, helped and nurtured to fully express yourself.

That’s where I come in.

I specialise in helping time-stretched clients create the highest quality audio without investing tons of time, energy and resources into content and audio production.

From guiding you through the physics of sound to the recording and production process, I will help you utilise the full power of sound to create high quality sound and transformative listening experiences.

Today, I help creative Entrepreneurs and business leaders embrace the power of sound to become fully and authentically heard.

I’m here to provide you with the tools, ability, and outlook to embrace the power of sound and authentic listening for yourself.

My passion and skill for transformative listening manifests itself with clients in three ways:

  1. As a podcast and audio production coach, I help high-achieving creative entrepreneurs and leaders use the power of sound and podcasting to share impactful messages to reach, educate and build a strong community and audience. Plus, I help support you all along the way by helping you to create a strategy, keeping you accountable.
  2. As the host of Inspirational Creatives, my own podcast, celebrating my commitment to creative mastery and entrepreneurship, I support artists, producers and business leaders amplify their messages with an audience of motivated listeners who are determined to create meaning and impact.
  3. As the founder of Sound Theory, my audio production company, working with my small team of world-class audio specialists, to edit and produce sound, creating excellent, professional listening experiences that will help you to powerfully engage your audience.

I help my clients hear the meaning and messages beyond their words, before helping them use technology and broadcasting tools to guide their audiences into powerful explorations, dialogues and conversations of the topics that matter most to them.

It’s time for you to be truly, deeply and authentically listened to. It’s time to have your voice heard.

Whether you’re a high-achieving creative or professional who desires better content production and a podcast strategy, or a leader intent to mobilise a community of engaged listeners around your services and message, working with me will help you take big strides towards using the power of intimate, authentic listening to its fullest potential.

Email me with your inquiries, drop me a note via the contact form below, or visit my services page to see how we can start working together today.


- Rob

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